Study your Bachelor's or Master's degree in Turkey

Why Turkey?

Scholarships Available

Quality Education

No National Exam Results Required

University And Program Diversity

Easy Living Conditions

Available Turkey Programs/Courses & Tuition

Application Documents

Bachelor Degree


High School Transcript (Grade 9-12)
Grade 10 and 12 National exams

Masters Degree


Bachelor Transcript/ Student copy / Grade report

Degree Certificate/ tempo.

Requirements to Study in Turkey

➖You must have completed Grade 12 or be a Grade 12 student at the time of application

➖Graduating batch students are required to get a recommendation letter from the respective school or university which confirm their expected graduation date.

➖You must have completed your undergraduate studies or be a graduating batch at the time of application

➖You are required to settle/Pay fees for cost sharing (previous study fees), if there is any, and provide us official student copy documents

➖Graduating batch students are required to get a recommendation letter from the respective school or university which confirm their expected graduation date

General Information on Studying in Turkey

You Must obtain a student visa from Turkish Republic Consulate. The visa is valid for 90 days you are restricted traveling out and in until you have a residence permit in Turkey.

Having arrived in Turkey, and after completing your university registration, the most important thing you need to do is to apply for a residence permit. You will be able to carry out all formal transactions as long as you stay in Turkey with your residence card and foreign identification (YU) number you receive after your application.

If your residence card does not expire, it can be used while entering or leaving Turkey, and thus you do not need to get a new visa. It is important that you renew your residence permit before the validity period expires.

Student Visa application document

• Passport, valid for at least 90 days
• Signed Turkish student visa application form
• 2 passport-size photos
• Letter of acceptance from your university
• Travel insurance for your entire stay in Turkey
• Booked flight tickets to Turkey
• Evidence of sufficient financial resources to support your study and living in Turkey
• Visa processing fee
• Proof of accommodation in Turkey
• Previous education certificates or diplomas

What are the application steps

1. Select a university and course you wish to study from our website, telegram bot or by visiting our office in person
2.submit scan copy of complete application documents by one of the following options
Telegram : @lineaddis2
or in person at our office

3. Visit our office, Pay advance/application fee and sign an Agreement.
If you are living far, we can sign agreements online

4. Wait for a conditional offer letter from the university

5. After receiving conditional offer letter, You might be required Admission fee, part of tuition fee or Just a deposit to the school account. If you are required to make the payment , the university account details will be mentioned in the offer letter.

5. Once you make the required payment to the university account, You will receive official Acceptance document/ Invitation which helps you apply for visa

6. At this point, You are required to prepare visa application documents

8. Apply for a visa from the Embassy/ visa center of Turkey in Addis ababa.

9. Travel to turkey to start your class

You have a variety of options to meet your accommodation needs throughout your educational life in Turkey. you can stay in university dormitories located within the campuses, in state dormitories managed by the KYK (Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution) in private dormitories, or in the apartments you can rent in the city.

Almost all of the state dormitories and university dormitories in Turkey are separate for male and female students.

In the room and common areas, every furniture that a student may need is available for students. Dormitories have wired / wireless Internet access available to all students. Some dormitories have their own cafeteria and usually serve breakfast and dinner here. Monthly fees for dormitories operated by KYK is about 40 USD/month.

Another accommodation option for international students is to rent a house. Especially in neighbor hoods close to universities, many students rent a house with a few friends
the average rental rates of a 90 square meter house can cost between 80 USD /month to 280 USD/month
Single person estimated monthly living costs in Istanbul is 428$ (3,705TL) without rent. If you are going to study in cities outside the capital you might need around 399USD/month for decent living.

You can drive in Turkey with a valid driver’s license from Ethiopia up to 6 months. This license must be translated into Turkish and notarized.
If you’d like to continue driving beyond 6 months in Turkey you must obtain a new Turkish driver’s license after taking a lesson in authorized driving school and passing Practical and theory test.

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