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Are you keen to climb the career ladder? Would you like to study, work or travel overseas? Whatever your background or ambitions are, learning English gives you the freedom to explore exciting new opportunities, and our range of courses can help you to reach your goals. Our English language Courses are interactive, dynamic and have clear objectives that contribute to the learner’s progress and help to achieve individual learning goals. Line Class has designed courses to fit your schedule, level and ambitions and You will find us unique with the following typical criteria

Course Types

Sem Wondwosen

International Exams preparations Course (IELTS ,TOFEL ,SAT)

In these courses you learn about how the exams work, what the examiners will be looking for and you will get plenty of practice using the types of questions you will see in the exam. We will give you the guidance to enter the exam of your choice in confidence. An Exam preparation class is not designed to simply improve your English ability, but rather it teaches you how to get the best possible score in the exam, which means using your language skills fast. We at Line Class are ready to help our students get thoroughly prepared for major exams like: Cambridge Certificate, IELTS & TOEFL and SAT. We carefully monitor your development throughout your course, giving you regular feedback on your progress and helping you to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Examination fees are not included in the course price.

General English (English for Intermediate and above level)

The curriculum is designed to enhance the English language proficiency of students for the purpose of improving their general English proficiency in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. This course is a component 4 -level General English program for advanced students. By advanced we mean students whose English level is Intermediate, Upper intermediate, Pre Advanced and Advanced based on their placement testing results. While the course can be delivered as a stand-alone program, it is designed to enable students’ progression from one level to the next. Lessons are conducted using our Communicative Learning Approach and delivered with the help of a wide range of lesson materials, modern teaching methodologies and technology to ensure that the learning experience is engaging and effective. Expand your English skills by enrolling in the General English Course at line class. Develop your English communication abilities in class, with guidance and support from your instructo

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Payment and Packages

we have a package lesson and method of payment. One package lesson at line Addis equals one lesson of 90 minutes. The minimum package one has to buy differs from course to course. For Exam preparation Course of IELTS and General Advanced English The minimum package to buy is a 10 package lesson Which means 10 lessons to attend and in total 15 hours. This package will expire in three weeks’ time. So a student has the freedom to choose any of the ten lessons within the given frame of time before your package expires. The package Expires in 5 weeks so the student has to the right to choose any 10 lessons at any time of the day, any days of the week in one of our centers. With regards to payment, we charge 350 Ethiopian birr for one package (one lesson) so the payment varies depending on the package option you may possibly buy. To start off For IELTS or General English 10 package class you pay 3500 ETB.

How to register

Our registration is easy, simple and time saving. Use our online booking system, call us or come in person to book our courses. Choose a center (Bole or Lebu), date and time that is most convenient for you. To help you register for the right course we need to understand your current level of English and the reasons you wish to learn. We do this through a short placement testing. Once we check your level and course choice, you will be directed to the course fee payment method. Once you made the school fee payment and we prove you have done it (providing receipt) then, you are almost there ready to start your course

Frequently Asked Questions

1️. Select the country and course you wish to study in from our website Click Here To Browse Programs, you can filter with country, degree level and program area at your convenience, or you can visit our office in person and we will advice you the available options

2️. Send a scanned copy of the complete application documents using one of the options below
 Telegram: @lineaddis2
 Website: Click Here to Start
 Bring Original documents to our office, we will scan them

3️. Visit our office, make an advance payment / application fee and sign the Agreement. If you live far away, we can sign contracts online or you can send your representative to sign it on your behalf

4️. Wait for a letter conditional acceptance from the university. Some universities/colleges may require a video interview before issuing your Conditional Offer letter.

5️. Upon receipt of the Conditional Offer Letter, you may be required to pay an application fee, part of your tuition fees, or a deposit to your school account. If you are required to do so, the university account details will be provided in the offer letter.

6️. After making the required payment to the university's account, you will receive an official acceptance letter along with supportive documents I.e accommodation letter & invitations to help in applying for a visa

7️. At this point, it is required to prepare visa documents Visa documents may contain
 - sponsor's files, i.e. your sponsor's bank statement, income verifications, sponsor ID, affidavit. Depends on which embassy you are applying for visa, Sponsor documents may not be required, contact us to know details about it.
 - Health Certificates: Some countries may require a health certificate( contact us to know whether you need to provide a certificate)
 - Forms for Embassy visits / reservations at the embassy
 - Invitations/ Acceptance
 - Authenticated educational documents
 - Travel/Medical/health insurance Each country's consulate may require different visa documents, please contact us for more information

8️. We will provide you with orientation about the visa interview , if any, and documents you need to prepare.

9️. Apply for a visa at the appropriate consulate / embassy

10. There can be two visa decisions, The visa can be granted or refused if your visa is refused, we will help you repeatedly appeal against the decision without any service fees If you have received a visa: we will provide you services with Pre- departure orientation, book your accommodation or arrange an airport pickup service.

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Sign a legal agreement with us, which in the event of any dispute may arise and cannot be resolved through discussion , and which can always be mediated in accordance with national law.

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