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“I just found line Addis at a fair price and a guaranteed service. I have seen many other agencies providing the same service with three times higher price than of Line Addis.The company doesn't work only as an agency that provides services but also as a friend who guides. I have been greatly satisfied with everything.”

Sem Wondwosen

“ouldn’t meet my criteria but Line Addis did. They have provided me all the services I needed with reasonable price and put things accordingly on time. The procedures are simple, you just have to submit all the necessary documents and pay the first payment on time and trust me you will get the visa. For these reasons, I recommend anyone who’s planning on studying abroad to start working with Line Addis. Especially if you want to study in Poland. Thank you”

Nejib Amin

“I want to pass along a huge thank you for Line Addis, one of the best travel agencies I have ever seen. They provided me the services I needed with reasonable price and within the promised time limit. In addition to this, the agent was very professional and always available. They gave me great information and was open and honest. They were not trying to sell me anything but gave me great advice.I can’t emphasize enough on how professional and friendly they were and I enjoyed the process from the scratch till the very end. I am happy and satisfied with the services I have received. Therefore I recommend anyone who has the plan to study abroad to go to Line Addis and start their process right away. Thank you”

Elizabeth Gebrekidan

“I have always wanted to do my masters in Europe. I have tried to explore as many options as possible to ensure that I can make an informed decision and that the agency is qualified. Applying through Line Addis takes me through the whole application process. I got all the information I needed concerning the application process . Thanks to the Agent I finally got accepted in one of the top universities of technology in Poland back in February and now I'm in Poland. My flight was to Gdansk and the moment I arrived which was around midnight Line Addis partners were waiting for me by the airport and they took me to the accommodation booked for a night. The next day they helped me buy a train ticket to the city where my university is and till present day Line Addis is helping me with my day to day activities. I highly recommend Line Addis. It is the most trusted and qualified agencies in Addis Ababa.”

Rozina Fisseha

“Line Addis consultancy has very nice hospitality, open, friendly, and genuine guidance regarding your requests. From the beginning till the end, they were cooperative and willing to answer when I had questions. They were always quick to answer any questions. The service is also reasonably priced. Thank you very much :pray: for your hard work. Without your guidance, it would have been very difficult to achieve this result. I definitely recommend your company to my loved ones and also anyone who has the plan to study abroad. Keep up with the good work.”

Betelihem Legesse

“My name is Tibebu Daniel. Currently, I have a polish student visa thanks to the support I got from Line Addis Consultancy. You might think that I am exaggerating, but the truth is that they know exactly what they are doing. They are disciplined, honest, friendly, and very professional. If you do what they ask you to do, I am sure you will get your visa in a short period of time. I got my visa within just a month. Finally, I advise you to go to Line Addis consultancy to start your processes. They are cooperative and they will get your visa within a month without re-application/appeal or extra fee.”

Tibebu Daniel

“I have been trying scholarships by various agencies, but every time I start the process and put an agreement with the agencies I never saw their words matching their performance and that was very frustrating. But after putting an agreement with Line Addis, I was able to achieve what I wanted. At first I assumed Line Addis would be just like the other agencies but through time I realized that they were different. They work efficiently and they stick to their words. I’m proud of this agency and I’m thankful for the services I received. THANK YOU keep up with the good work!”

Selam Asmare

“Hello, this is Abel Alebchaew and I’m doing my masters in civil engineering in Poland and I have applied for the education and all other process through Line Addis Consultancy and it ended successfully. Line Addis has kind and humble hostility with experience and I’m glad with their services.”

Abel Alebchaew

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