Admission to Universities
Admission to Universities

We have efficiently customized the study abroad process for Ethiopian students. we have already done most of the hard work for students, such as finding out opportunities and reaching a recruitment agreement with universities inconsideration of various student's interests, financial plans, and course selection.

We have organized an electronic catalog on our website and social bots, listed all offers from partner universities with sufficient description, so students will have no problem choosing the right one for them. As they make their decision, they can apply to the programs online and at their ease. We provide adequate advice on the admission process and submit student applications to the respective universities. Our clients are primarily fascinated by the speed and simplicity of the process.

Visa Application
Visa Application

We Provide an intensive guidance and assistance in paperwork for visa application to ensure our clients achieve the highest visa success rate. we help on preparing each document required for visa application, arrange a visit to the respective Embassy or consulate (if required) also Training for visa interview if there is any. As a result, we have witnessed a 95% Visa success rate in our five years of experience.

Scholarship Applications
Scholarship Applications

There are different types of scholarships available for students. Unfortunately, due to a lack of adequate information about the application, many students miss the opportunity. We work to screen out Governmental, University, merit based, need based or other type of Scholarship opportunities applicable to Ethiopian students and accompany the application process, provide documentation and paperwork support.

Online Education
Online Education

Not many people can take time off work to commit to a full-time study program, and others often travel for work.
For those who still need to juggle working and going back to school, the flexibility of an online program provides with the opportunity to learn while still working and growing professionally. We work closely with various online higher education providers and assist students to study short-term, undergraduate, Graduate, or PhD classes from home.

Exam Assistance
International English and Proficiency Exams Assistance

If students wish to apply for admission to an institution with much competition, Proficiency and English proficiency exams helps to stand out and get admitted.
Ethiopian students can Book their exam date and center, Make payments, Get preparation materials and take exams of GRE, IELTS, SAT, PTE, Duolingo, TOEFL ,GMAT and more with us.


As we have been working in this industry for years, we know what services you may need regarding the application and study time.

Therefore, we provide you all the services you may require, such as financial solutions, part-time job opportunities, airport pickup services, accommodation reservations, Travel arrangements, residence permit application guides, and so. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1️. Select the country and course you wish to study in from our website Click Here To Browse Programs, you can filter with country, degree level and program area at your convenience, or you can visit our office in person and we will advice you the available options

2️. Send a scanned copy of the complete application documents using one of the options below
 Telegram: @lineaddis2
 Website: Click Here to Start
 Bring Original documents to our office, we will scan them

3️. Visit our office, make an advance payment / application fee and sign the Agreement. If you live far away, we can sign contracts online or you can send your representative to sign it on your behalf

4️. Wait for a letter conditional acceptance from the university. Some universities/colleges may require a video interview before issuing your Conditional Offer letter.

5️. Upon receipt of the Conditional Offer Letter, you may be required to pay an application fee, part of your tuition fees, or a deposit to your school account. If you are required to do so, the university account details will be provided in the offer letter.

6️. After making the required payment to the university's account, you will receive an official acceptance letter along with supportive documents I.e accommodation letter & invitations to help in applying for a visa

7️. At this point, it is required to prepare visa documents Visa documents may contain
 - sponsor's files, i.e. your sponsor's bank statement, income verifications, sponsor ID, affidavit. Depends on which embassy you are applying for visa, Sponsor documents may not be required, contact us to know details about it.
 - Health Certificates: Some countries may require a health certificate( contact us to know whether you need to provide a certificate)
 - Forms for Embassy visits / reservations at the embassy
 - Invitations/ Acceptance
 - Authenticated educational documents
 - Travel/Medical/health insurance Each country's consulate may require different visa documents, please contact us for more information

8️. We will provide you with orientation about the visa interview , if any, and documents you need to prepare.

9️. Apply for a visa at the appropriate consulate / embassy

10. There can be two visa decisions, The visa can be granted or refused if your visa is refused, we will help you repeatedly appeal against the decision without any service fees If you have received a visa: we will provide you services with Pre- departure orientation, book your accommodation or arrange an airport pickup service.

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3. 95% Visa Success Rate

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